With Laser Trim Contours Body Contouring Program, our patients can now take advantage of ZERONA®. ZERONA is a new non-invasive body  sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. The 100% painless process requires six 40-minute  treatments performed over the course of two weeks. There is no pain, no swelling, no needles, no bruising, and no recovery time. Normal activity  resumes immediately. The most commonly treated areas are the lower abdomen (belly), flanks (love-handles), buttocks, and thighs, and for men,  gynecomastia. Other treatment areas can include the neck, arms, back, and knees. By following the ZERONA treatment plan, you can expect to  drop between two and seven dress sizes and at least a combined 3 inches off your target zones! ZERONA, unlike other procedures, allows the patient to continue his or her daily activities without  interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds, or garments. After each treatment, the patient is able to  participate in normal daily activities, no matter how strenuous. This means no time off from work and no  days away from the gym.    When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But you cannot argue with results. Inches are  inches, and the Zerona removes inches, more than four inches on the "test" case we did for "The Doctors". I have to say, I didn't believe it at first either." - Dr. Drew Ordon Lead Physician on the Hit T.V. Show "The Doctors" © 2012 Laser Trim Contours Johnson Enterprises 916.420.2264 Click to watch click to visit PMA If you need to fit into that sexy  swimsuit this summer, then you  dont want to miss out on our  services that will get you back in  the swing of summertime fun! ZERONA® is the only clinically proven  FDA-approved body slimming treatment  that removes fat and reduces inches  with ZERO pain, ZERO surgery, and  ZERO downtime.     Come in to Laser Trim Contours and  see proven results from people right  here in Tri-County Florida, or give us a  call to schedule your ZERONA  treatment today!  Our Body Contouring Program  featuring ZERONA can help sculpt  your body in as little as six  treatments; it is a safe, effective  procedure that gets you results.   We  gladly accept all major credit cards  and offer financing with rates starting  at 0%.   Click here  We are very happy to announce we  have added the Venus Freeze!    FDA approved,  Venus Freeze® is an  all-in-one safe, simple and affordable   spa treatment  that is based on the  innovative (MP)² Technology, Venus  Freeze is a soothing and relaxing  treatment comparable to a hot stone  massage. The (MP)² technology it  utilizes is a patented system that  combines both multi polar radio  frequency (RF) along with pulsed  magnetic fields. These two types of  energy work in synergy to effectively  deliver remarkable clinical results,  and maximize your comfort and  satisfaction.  read more...  Click here  We now offer CareCredit... 0% Financing  - with low monthly Rates. Call and inquire within MediWraps Ageless Procedure Meets Modern Technology The MediWraps procedure works on shrinking the adipose tissue of fat known as cellulite. Excellent results have been achieved by combing with laser treatments, liposuction and other weight loss clinic cellulite removal procedures. These results are from an indipendant clinical stude. New faster acting cellular penetrating ingredient! Best of all lose 5 to 15 total inches in one hour.....  Click here