Call Today!  855-TRIM123 or 352-561-3200 © 2012 Venus Freeze / PMA Johnson Enterprises 916.420.2264 This New Technology… ….in combination with laser treatments, many doctors have reported up to an 85% increase in inches lost. Studies have shown patients receive dramatic results on the very first visit.  MediWraps all natural ingredients and procedure are designed to open the pores of the skin, allowing the solution to penetrate more quickly and effectively. MediWraps all natural mineral solution, formulated by Nicholas Kohler, MS, R.Ph. also detoxifies the epidermis, increases elasticity, resulting in a softer and firmer appearance. The Results This procedure works on shrinking the adipose tissue of fat known as cellulite. Excellent results have been achieved by combining with laser treatments, liposuction, weight loss clinics and other cellulite removal procedures. These result are from an independent clinical study. Let us show you how to enhance your procedures, help your patient’s look and feel better, subsequently adding increased profitability. Let our Executive Sales Staff contact you at your convenience. Overview      Skin Tightening      Cellulite Reduction      Wrinkle Reduction      Circumferential Reduction MediWraps