ZERONA® is the only clinically proven, FDA-approved body slimming treatment that  removes fat and reduces inches with ZERO pain, ZERO surgery, and ZERO  downtime. Need help looking and feeling your best? Contact Laser Trim Contours  Today!  "We're very excited about the ZERONA® body slimming laser. Our initial results have exceeded our  expectations. Our first two patients to complete their treatment series have lost 4.5" to 5.5" in their  waists, hips and thighs." - Ferdinand F. Becker, M.D.,  F.A.C.S. Laser Trim Contours’ Body Countouring Program Laser Trim Contours Program has several key components that will help you achieve the maximum  results from your treatment. We offer: - A FREE consultation, at which we will review your medical history, take your measurements, and  explain the ZERONA procedure. If the treatment is right for you, you will fill out screening paperwork  and your measurements will be recorded. - A FREE personalized wellness program, suggested by our expert staff to maximize your results, which includes a specific diet, an exercise  routine that can help you target your problem areas, and supplements, including the now-famous CURVA™ nutritional supplement to help with  weight loss and detoxification.  - The full two-week ZERONA procedure, which consists of six 40-minute treatments, all performed with your comfort and privacy in mind.  - FREE use of our Whole Body Vibration Machines after each ZERONA procedure. These effective new machines intensify your body's natural fat-burning abilities and help speed up the  detoxification process. - FREE before and after pictures, taken by our professional staff, to help you clearly see your  amazing results.  A quick guide to the ZERONA procedure at Laser Trim Contours  Your first step will be to call our office and arrange your no-obligation, free consultation with our  ZERONA experts. After you have qualified for your ZERONA treatments, we will schedule you for  the following six appointments.  ON YOUR ZERONA APPOINTMENT DAYS, you will arrive at our office and be promptly ushered  to your own private room for the treatment. Your laser technician will set up the laser to your  specifications and leave you in privacy. During the treatment, you will be asked to lie on one of our  hygienic spa tables, and a pair of safety goggles will be provided for your comfort.  The procedure  will take place on the front of your body for 20 minutes, then you will be asked to flip over onto  your back for the remaining 20 minutes in order to ensure a balanced shaping. After each  ZERONA treatment, you will be offered the chance to use one of our custom Whole Body Vibration  Machines for ten minutes, also conveniently located in private rooms for your comfort. Your measurements will be taken again when your treatments are complete and an exit  consultation will take place to help you ensure your newfound look will last.  Laser Trim Contours guarantees you will lose at least 3 inches total from our  customized Body Contouring Program. It's important to have realistic expectations of the benefits our Body Contouring Program can have for you. Some people are looking for a quick fix  to all of their shape issues. Others read 3 inches and expect it in all of their target locations: 3 inches in the waist, 3 inches in the hips, and 3  inches in the thighs. Although this would be ideal, it is not always possible to achieve the maximum results in all targeted fat zones. You might  experience some variation in results, but be assured that you will see dramatic changes. Patients all across the country are more than thrilled with their ZERONA results, and because we are so sure of the effectiveness of our Body  Contouring Program, we will guarantee you will lose at least 3 inches total from your treatment. This can be achieved in several ways: For  example, you could lose 3 inches from around your waist, you could lose 1 inch from each of your three target areas, or you could lose a total of 3  inches combined in some other way. The results of your treatment will begin to show about a week after the treatment session is completed.  To qualify for this guarantee, a patient must: -  Have the required measurements and patient data taken by our staff -  Complete and sign all applicable ZERONA program forms  -  Have six 40-minute ZERONA treatments over a two-week period, no more than 72 hours apart  -  Not gain any weight from the base measurement date to the final measurement date -  Return for final measurements approximately seven days after the sixth treatment - Adhere to the ZERONA protocol, which includes taking the CURVA nutritional supplement as  directed, and drinking at least half an ounce of water per pound (at least 64 ounces a day) enough  to urinate every two hours while awake  -  Abstain from caffeine and alcohol during the treatments -  Spend at least ten minutes on the vibration platform machine after each treatment -  Follow a low-fat diet and walk at least 30 minutes a day.  This limited guarantee applies only to the initial core body treatment. ZERONA and Laser Trim  Contours reserve the right to terminate or modify our guarantee program at any time without notice. Not for everyone ZERONA is not meant to replace diet and exercise. Indeed, if you do not keep up a good exercise  routine and healthy eating schedule, you could regain your lost inches because the treatment  doesn't destroy the fat cells, it just empties them. Nor is laser fat removal for people who need to  lose a lot of weight or who have broad areas of fat. The ideal candidate for ZERONA is someone  who has a pocket of fat that he or she hasn't been able to get rid of, despite a good diet and  exercise efforts. Get your free consultation with a medical expert trained and experienced in this  new technology at Laser Trim Contours today to find out how much you can benefit from ZERONA.   © 2012 Laser Trim Contours Johnson Enterprises 916.420.2264